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The Comfort Zone Quandary

You may get the best short-term results by staying in your comfort zone, but—if you never venture outside it—you won’t develop the qualities you need to:

· Increase your profits in your current game(s)

· Move up and make even bigger profits

· Adjust to changing circumstances

For example, if you never play for stakes above your comfort zone, you obviously can’t develop the abilities you need to beat bigger games. If you never play in shorthanded games, you can’t succeed in tournaments, nor can you exploit shorthanded games with weak players. If you don’t experiment with uncomfortable moves, you’ll often encounter situations that require plays you can’t make

The optimal balance between maximizing current profits and developing yourself depends on your motives. If you are satisfied with your current results and are unwilling to sacrifice much to improve them, spend nearly all your time in your comfort zone. The more value you place on developing your game, the more often and the further you should break out of your comfort zone, but you must understand and accept the price: You will probably reduce your short-term profits, and you will certainly become uncomfortable, perhaps extremely so.


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