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Why Ice?

* Ice will provide substantial economic value to local businesses - keep more commerce in Pickerington! #shoplocal #dinelocal

* From September through March, over 100 families come to each of the 3 Chillers 7 days per week. These families spend money at local restaurants, retail establishments, and service businesses within close proximity of the rinks!

* There are currently NO ice rinks south of I-70 in Central Ohio. This amenity will be a true differentiator for Pickerington versus any other community in the southern half of the city.

* There are over 3000 youth hockey players in Central Ohio, between the 4 existing #youthhockey programs. That's 3000 kids in Central Ohio who, for at least 7 months of the year spend 2 evenings and 1 weekend day a week at the rink (and not on the X-Box).

*The 10 year growth rate for youth hockey in Central Ohio has been 10% annually, with more growth on the east side of the city.

*For the 2018-2019 season, there was a 60 player long waitlist for youth hockey at the closest rink, Easton. That means 60 kids did not get to play.

* A typical weekend hockey tournament brings over 200 families to the area, and the average family spends $1000 in the local economy for each tournament (hotels, food, shopping, entertainment, gasoline, etc).

* Central Ohio has the LARGEST #adulthockey program IN THE COUNTRY.

* An ice rink will provide recreational opportunities for #sledhockey, #figureskating, #curling, and on-ice events.


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